Fighting Fifty reviews Botanicals anti-ageing facial serum


It’s a sad but inevitable fact that age takes its toll. We’re forced to accept that the bloom of youth eventually fades. Skin which was once young, fresh and free from lines and wrinkles, only lasts so long. So it’s important we do everything possible to preserve what we have for as long as we can.
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Phthalates linked to early menopause


phthalate-duck-montage More research has been published which links chemicals used in popular cosmetics and household products to health problems. The latest report again highlights phthalates, and has found that exposure to this chemical can cause early menopause in women. It was published in the American online journal, Plos One.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in industry to make plastic and vinyl products more flexible. Bath-time ducks are often used as an example, although they’ve been banned from children’s toys in the UK for some years. So how come they’re still found in cosmetics? We copied this information from the US Food & Drug Administration’s website:
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Botanicals face balm; a natural acne cure


zara17-year-old Zara (right) is one of a new breed of young micro-bloggers who share their views and passions with an audience of like-minded friends and followers on the Internet.

Cosmetics and skincare are always popular topics, and we often get contacted by bloggers who want to review our products. These reviews are a great way to spread the word about Botanicals. So we’re always delighted to help.

Zara wanted to try our Nourishing face balm. And it was the first couple of lines of her review (click to read in full) which immediately caught my eye;

I’ve always struggled with my acne-prone skin, so I absolutely love getting the opportunity to trial new skincare products in the hope of finding one that will work for my skin.

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Chemicals in cosmetics causing asthma increase


asthma-2Asthma rates in UK children are said to have increased by a staggering 2-300% since the 1950s, and it’s a similar trend across both Europe and the US. Around 5.4 million Britons now have asthma, including 1.1 million children. And it causes up to 1,250 deaths each year.

Scientists in the US have recently identified chemicals found in cosmetics as a possible cause for the increase – particularly in children. They found that babies in the womb exposed to high levels of phthalates are up to 78% more at risk of developing asthma.

Dr Robin Whyatt of Columbia University said: “These chemicals are very widely used in very high volume. But they are generally not listed on labels.” Her advice was to cut back on using artificially-scented products – cosmetics, air fresheners and detergents. She also suggested that women should check their make-up on the internet for phthalates. But that’s not as easy as it sounds since there’s no requirement for producers to include it on their ingredients listings.
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Supporting the Rowan Tree Clinic


Based in Central Ireland near Kinnegad in County Wexmouth, the Rowan Tree Clinic is a wonderful example of what a small team of dedicated volunteers can do, offering practical help to people living with chronic medical conditions. And here at Botanicals, we’re delighted to be able to support them in a very small way by providing them with our Botanicals body oils and balms.

Established in 2011, The Rowan Tree Clinic has a team of 10 professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in a range of therapies, attracting clients from all over Ireland. Click here to read more about their work on their own website.

Paula Hynes is both Manager and Therapist at the clinic. And she was keen to share some of the comments her team have made about using our oils in their treatment therapies. Paula emailed to say;

“We’ve been using Botanicals organic massage blends and foot balms in all of our touch therapies and reiki treatments at the Rowan Tree Clinic for over a year and a half now. As many of our clients live with multiple chronic conditions, it is very important to us that we use top quality products that are gentle and trustworthy.

“Botanicals provide us with a product that we feel very confident in using. We love its purity, gentleness and restorative qualities. The oils are a huge hit with our therapy team and clients alike!”

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Calming lotion reviews


calming-lotion-3Our new calming lotion has been getting some wonderful reviews – from both customers and bloggers. To read the reviews on our website (26 at the last count!), simply visit the product page and click the reviews tab. Here’s one that caught my eye, posted by professional therapist, Louise Harkiss;

This lotion is lovely, applied after shaving my legs and felt really lovely – you don’t need loads. I had threading done last week and my skin had an outbreak. I applied some of this lotion & it eased off. The aroma is lovely – not over bearing like some products. I love the packaging too – well done Botanicals on another fantastic product.

And here’s a selection of excerpts from recent blog reviews (click on a link to read a post in full);
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Cleansing melt review


cleansing-melt-roseChristina Caicedo is editor and founder of the US beauty magazine, ‘Evolving Beauty’ and has recently published a review of our two cleansing melts; Rose & camellia and Mandarin & chamomile.

Christina emailed to say; “Your products sound so amazing, and as someone who uses homeopathic remedies – and being part Native American – I fully understand and support what you are doing.”

Here’s Christina’s review:

Certified organic by The Soil Association, Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare Gentle Cleansing Melt in Mandarin and Chamomile has a super concentrated (as in no water), lush texture that luxuriates skin by effortlessly dissolving make-up, gently cleansing and balancing skin with perfect moisture.
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New: Botanicals Calming Body Lotion


calming-lotion-3We’re delighted to announce the release of our latest natural bodycare product; Botanicals Calming Body Lotion (click here to view it on our webshop). It’s finally emerged after many months of stringent testing and has already received some rave reviews.

Professional therapist, Siobhan Carey told us; “I must say that I was very impressed – from the first pump! It absorbs so much better than other lotions I’ve used. It feels like silk on the skin, and my skin instantly looked improved.”

Explaining how the lotion has been formulated, Wendy explained; “We use a unique blend of certified-organic, plant essences, including extracts of calming marigold and aloe vera, together with soothing shea butter and lavender, and a hint of antiseptic tea tree.
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MI allergy on the increase


There have been a number of reports in this week’s national press about people suffering allergic reactions to skincare products containing MI (methylisothiazolinone). It’s used as a preservative in products ranging from body scrubs to moisturisers, sunscreens to wet wipes.

mi-allergyWe highlighted the problem about a year ago (view the blog post) and immediately received a response from one of our customers, Gay Colenutt. She was brave enough to allow us to post a photo showing the effect one of these products containing MI had on her face and neck (right). Gay told us:

“This is what MI allergy did to me – plus cervical lymphatics were in total overdrive. Now I don’t buy any supermarket/chemist-type products for hair, skin or cleaning, etc. Absolutely love my Botanicals products, and once again have skin to be proud of.”

The health pages in Tuesday’s Times newspaper contained a reader’s question asking: “Are many people allergic to moisturisers? I’m always careful to buy products designed for sensitive skin but my face has become puffy and itchy. And the more moisturiser I use, the worse it seems to get.”
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Blogger reviews


We’ve had some great reviews recently by young bloggers who write about cosmetics. Here’s three of the most recent. To read any review in full on the actual blog, simply click on a the blog title. And to view the product on our website, click on the product link.

Botanicals revitalising balm reviewed on ‘No More Frizzy Hairdays

revitalising-balmI really love the revitalising balm; it is luxurious. I had eczema as a child and still suffer a lot from dry skin. The weather also makes my skin dry. This product worked like a treat.

I absolutely adore the lemongrass and mandarin fragrance; it smells fresh. My hubby said the smell was a bit to citrusy. But to me it was perfect. I liked the fragrance 100%.

I used the balm on my skin after I had shaved my legs in the bath and they felt a bit dry. It made my legs feel silky smooth, and smell fresh and clean. I also love the fact the balm contains 100% natural and 89% organic ingredients, that support the skin’s natural ability to heal and generate new cells.

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