Fighting Fifty reviews Botanicals Beautiful hands anti-ageing serum


hand-serum‘Fighting Fifty’ website founder Tracey McAlpine and beauty expert Nikki Taylor were very impressed with our popular anti-ageing hand serum when they featured it in yet another of their video reviews.

“It’s deeply moisturising with a great fragrance,” said Tracey, “with some really fantastic ingredients.” She also pointed out that only a small drop is needed as it really does penetrate. And that at £13.95, it’s great value for money. Here’s what they said on their website (click here to read it in full);

Botanicals intensive anti-ageing serum is 100% natural and 99% organic. It’s high in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and packed with free radical fighting anti-oxidants to help regenerate skin. The blend of cold pressed oils work at cellular level to rejuvenate skin and improve tone and the astringent properties of frankincense and sweet fennel help to improve pigmentation, light wrinkles and tone and tighten the skin.

Click here to view the serum on our website, where you can also read some recent customer comments. Here’s what professional therapist Sarah Collins said about the serum;
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Shortlisted for ‘FreeFrom’ skincare awards

free-from-shortlisted-groupBotanicals won the prestigious ‘Best Brand’ in last year’s ‘FreeFrom’ Awards. And we’ve just heard the exciting news that four of the five products we submitted for this year’s awards have been shortlisted. We’ve also been shortlisted again for this year’s Best Brand Award. Which is fantastic!

The awards were created in 2012 by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson and Alex Gazzola to reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, ingredients, additives and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, health concerns, and which also meet the highest standards of ethical, personal and environmental issues.

All the entries to the awards have undertaken a vigorous two month trial by a 100-strong panel of experienced Beauty Bible testers. So it’s great that we’ve had four products shortlisted from so many products. Now it’s up to the judges to decide who will be the winners in each category.

“The shortlist includes only products which performed well on a day to day basis and offered longer term benefits too.” Alex Gazzola, Awards co-ordinator

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Reviews round-up: 13th May 2015


body-polish-2We have another round-up of our latest reviews for you today.  (To read the full reviews, simply click on the links. And click on any product heading to view full details on our website.)

Revitalising Body polish
Botanicals body polish is one of our most popular ‘hero-products’ and was awarded silver at last year’s ‘Free From Skincare Awards’. It contains organic sugar cane and Himalayan detox salts to remove dead skin cells and impurities, plus skin-nourishing organic shea butter and a subtle combination of organic lemongrass, mandarin and ginger.

The polish is both naturally invigorating and uplifting and a real treat for both skin and senses. And perfect for applying all over the body and gently buffing the skin in the shower. Here’s what some of our most recent reviewers had to say:
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Reviews round-up: 5 May 2015


We’re always delighted to get feedback on our products here at Botanicals. Reviews from customers, the press and bloggers are all really valuable to us and we love to read them. We have rounded up some of our recent feedback to share with you. (To read the full reviews, simply click on the links. And click on any product heading to view full details on our website.)

foot-soak-and-balmFoot softening balm
With summer just around the corner, foot care is a current hot topic and our Foot softening balm has been a real hit.

“The cooling and soothing effect is addictive after a while. I find myself reaching for this often.” Berry’s Beauty blog

“It’s very concentrated, so a tiny pea sized sample was enough to massage across the whole surface of the foot.” Page to Stage reviews

“It is obviously ultra-nourishing, but you can also feel the classic tingle of peppermint and tea tree which is also refreshing.” What I love today

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Botanicals on Pinterest


pinterest-screengrab-smallPinterest is a great way of finding inspiration by collecting and exchanging visual ideas. People use it for everything from kitchen designs to wedding dresses, exotic recipes to holiday destinations. Here at Botanicals we’ve used it to exchange views on our labels and bottles.

And now we’ve just finished putting all our products on a number of Pinterest boards, making it easy to see our complete range in an easy to view format. Click here to view them all. And for those of you who already use Pinterest, we’d love it if you could pin a few to your own boards.

Share your organic favourites!

But we don’t want to use it just to promote our products. We’re also collecting pins on those organic treats we all love. So if you have any you’d like to recommend and share – it could be food, clothes, cleaning products, chocolate cake – whatever has taken your fancy recently – please send us a message using our contact form.

Fighting Fifty reviews Botanicals anti-ageing facial serum


It’s a sad but inevitable fact that age takes its toll. We’re forced to accept that the bloom of youth eventually fades. Skin which was once young, fresh and free from lines and wrinkles, only lasts so long. So it’s important we do everything possible to preserve what we have for as long as we can.
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Phthalates linked to early menopause


phthalate-duck-montage More research has been published which links chemicals used in popular cosmetics and household products to health problems. The latest report again highlights phthalates, and has found that exposure to this chemical can cause early menopause in women. It was published in the American online journal, Plos One.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in industry to make plastic and vinyl products more flexible. Bath-time ducks are often used as an example, although they’ve been banned from children’s toys in the UK for some years. So how come they’re still found in cosmetics? We copied this information from the US Food & Drug Administration’s website:
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Botanicals face balm; a natural acne cure


zara17-year-old Zara (right) is one of a new breed of young micro-bloggers who share their views and passions with an audience of like-minded friends and followers on the Internet.

Cosmetics and skincare are always popular topics, and we often get contacted by bloggers who want to review our products. These reviews are a great way to spread the word about Botanicals. So we’re always delighted to help.

Zara wanted to try our Nourishing face balm. And it was the first couple of lines of her review (click to read in full) which immediately caught my eye;

I’ve always struggled with my acne-prone skin, so I absolutely love getting the opportunity to trial new skincare products in the hope of finding one that will work for my skin.

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Chemicals in cosmetics causing asthma increase


asthma-2Asthma rates in UK children are said to have increased by a staggering 2-300% since the 1950s, and it’s a similar trend across both Europe and the US. Around 5.4 million Britons now have asthma, including 1.1 million children. And it causes up to 1,250 deaths each year.

Scientists in the US have recently identified chemicals found in cosmetics as a possible cause for the increase – particularly in children. They found that babies in the womb exposed to high levels of phthalates are up to 78% more at risk of developing asthma.

Dr Robin Whyatt of Columbia University said: “These chemicals are very widely used in very high volume. But they are generally not listed on labels.” Her advice was to cut back on using artificially-scented products – cosmetics, air fresheners and detergents. She also suggested that women should check their make-up on the internet for phthalates. But that’s not as easy as it sounds since there’s no requirement for producers to include it on their ingredients listings.
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Supporting the Rowan Tree Clinic


Based in Central Ireland near Kinnegad in County Wexmouth, the Rowan Tree Clinic is a wonderful example of what a small team of dedicated volunteers can do, offering practical help to people living with chronic medical conditions. And here at Botanicals, we’re delighted to be able to support them in a very small way by providing them with our Botanicals body oils and balms.

Established in 2011, The Rowan Tree Clinic has a team of 10 professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in a range of therapies, attracting clients from all over Ireland. Click here to read more about their work on their own website.

Paula Hynes is both Manager and Therapist at the clinic. And she was keen to share some of the comments her team have made about using our oils in their treatment therapies. Paula emailed to say;

“We’ve been using Botanicals organic massage blends and foot balms in all of our touch therapies and reiki treatments at the Rowan Tree Clinic for over a year and a half now. As many of our clients live with multiple chronic conditions, it is very important to us that we use top quality products that are gentle and trustworthy.

“Botanicals provide us with a product that we feel very confident in using. We love its purity, gentleness and restorative qualities. The oils are a huge hit with our therapy team and clients alike!”

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