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Enter your email address and select from the drop-down menu.
To vote for our lotion, enter your email address and select from the drop-down menu.

To vote for our lotion, enter your email address and select from the drop-down menu.

A few people have told us they can’t see how to vote for our new Calming body lotion in the Pure Beauty Awards (see previous post). It isn’t that clear. But all you need do is click on this link and then select the lotion from the drop down menu under ‘Best new natural product’.
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New: Botanicals Calming Body Lotion


calming-lotion-3We’re delighted to announce the release of our latest natural bodycare product; Botanicals Calming Body Lotion (click here to view it on our webshop). It’s finally emerged after many months of stringent testing and has already received some rave reviews.

Professional therapist, Siobhan Carey told us; “I must say that I was very impressed – from the first pump! It absorbs so much better than other lotions I’ve used. It feels like silk on the skin, and my skin instantly looked improved.”

Explaining how the lotion has been formulated, Wendy explained; “We use a unique blend of certified-organic, plant essences, including extracts of calming marigold and aloe vera, together with soothing shea butter and lavender, and a hint of antiseptic tea tree.
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MI allergy on the increase


There have been a number of reports in this week’s national press about people suffering allergic reactions to skincare products containing MI (methylisothiazolinone). It’s used as a preservative in products ranging from body scrubs to moisturisers, sunscreens to wet wipes.

mi-allergyWe highlighted the problem about a year ago (view the blog post) and immediately received a response from one of our customers, Gay Colenutt. She was brave enough to allow us to post a photo showing the effect one of these products containing MI had on her face and neck (right). Gay told us:

“This is what MI allergy did to me – plus cervical lymphatics were in total overdrive. Now I don’t buy any supermarket/chemist-type products for hair, skin or cleaning, etc. Absolutely love my Botanicals products, and once again have skin to be proud of.”

The health pages in Tuesday’s Times newspaper contained a reader’s question asking: “Are many people allergic to moisturisers? I’m always careful to buy products designed for sensitive skin but my face has become puffy and itchy. And the more moisturiser I use, the worse it seems to get.”
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Blogger reviews


We’ve had some great reviews recently by young bloggers who write about cosmetics. Here’s three of the most recent. To read any review in full on the actual blog, simply click on a the blog title. And to view the product on our website, click on the product link.

Botanicals revitalising balm reviewed on ‘No More Frizzy Hairdays

revitalising-balmI really love the revitalising balm; it is luxurious. I had eczema as a child and still suffer a lot from dry skin. The weather also makes my skin dry. This product worked like a treat.

I absolutely adore the lemongrass and mandarin fragrance; it smells fresh. My hubby said the smell was a bit to citrusy. But to me it was perfect. I liked the fragrance 100%.

I used the balm on my skin after I had shaved my legs in the bath and they felt a bit dry. It made my legs feel silky smooth, and smell fresh and clean. I also love the fact the balm contains 100% natural and 89% organic ingredients, that support the skin’s natural ability to heal and generate new cells.

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Tester comments on Botanicals body polish


body-polish-200wdIt’s always great to receive customer reviews on our products. But in many ways, it’s even more interesting and valuable to hear the views of independent testers.

Our customers will usually know our products and like what they offer. For many independent reviewers, it will often be the first time they have have tried them. And they will also be comparing them to a whole range of similar products – with a particularly critical eye.

All three of the products we entered for the 2014 FreeFrom Awards won silver. We were told they all missed out on the top prize by just one or two marks. But since we won ‘Best Brand’, we really can’t complain. Here’s a selection of the independent testers’ comments on our Revitalising body polish: (View the product on our website.)

“Great morning shower product but a real luxury too! In my opinion it was just right; the crystals are said to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulating tissue. I would say this is a very accurate account. Sometimes beads or crystals can scratch the skin – this one didn’t! No irritation or sensitivity experienced. I would buy this product.
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FreeFrom 2014: the judging process

Wendy (left) receiving her gold award from Janey Lee Grace.
Wendy (left) receiving her gold award from Janey Lee Grace.

Wendy (left) receiving her gold award from Janey Lee Grace.

Many thanks to everyone who sent us messages of congratulations following our gold-plated success at last week’s FreeFrom Awards.

Getting the ‘Best Brand Award’ was the most important prize and accolade. But winning silver for all three products we entered was also just amazing. Especially considering there were more than 260 entries from over 100 brands.

Speaking after the event, FreeFrom Skincare Awards Co-ordinator Alex Gazzola said:

“Botanicals are deserved winners of the Best FreeFrom Brand 2014. They produce beautiful handmade products, in which natural botanicals and plants are allowed to shine.

Our judges admired the purity of the formulations, their labelling, their whole ethos and philosophy, and their shortlisted products performed exceptionally well during month-long testing – both this year and last year, in fact.

I think we would struggle to find any product among the Botanicals range which was less than excellent.”

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Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand!


freefrom-2014-logoWe’re absolutely delighted to announce that Botanicals has won the ‘Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand’ award for 2014. This prestigious award was presented to Wendy by Radio 2 broadcaster and best-selling author, Janey Lee Grace, at the ‘Love Natural, Love Organic Show’ in London yesterday.

Selected from a long and illustrious list of companies offering natural skin care products – including Green People, Weleda, Neals Yard Remedies, and even Waitrose – here’s what the judges said about Botanicals:

“Beautiful handmade products, in which natural botanicals and plants are allowed to shine, and which always perform exceptionally well in testing. A 10th anniversary redesign has modernised this vegan and organic brand. Bronze medallists in this category in 2013, they are deserved winners in 2014.

We entered three products into this year’s awards – and each won silver. The judges told Wendy that they only failed to reach the top spot by just one or two marks. But we can’t be disappointed by that. It was an amazing result – especially considering the size and scale of the competition.

Here are the three products we entered, with some the judges’ remarks; (click a heading to view the product on our store).
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Therapist profile: Rhian Thomas


Gateway Workshops offer a wide range of courses and worshops for beauty therapists. Their tutors both use and recommend Botanicals, and appreciate the benefits of using products made from natural and organic ingredients. Rhian Thomas (below left) has her own central London salon and is an experienced Gateway tutor. We asked her why she likes Botanicals…

Rhian with some of her favourite Botanicals products.

Rhian with some of her favourite Botanicals products.

I’ve been using Botanicals products within my facials for over four years now. I love the fact that they are organic and have the Soil Association trade mark. The products feel lovely on my clients’ skin, and people are always saying how much they like the feel and smell of them. They are always easy to work with, and work with all skin types. The customer service is always excellent, with nice and quick delivery. I cannot praise Botanicals as a company enough.
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Making changes and creating offers

Out with the old and in with the new!
Out with the old and in with the new!

Out with the old and in with the new!

As regular Botanicals customers may know, we’ve decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a complete design makeover.

We’re also making lots of changes to our range by launching some exciting new products, reformulating others, and discontinuing some of our less popular items.

A good example is our lemongrass and ginger body scrub. Wendy has completely reformulated it, giving it a less greasy feel, making it more ‘rinsable’, and less slippery in the shower. The new formulation has just been shortlisted for this year’s ‘FreeFrom Awards’ (see previous post). Click here to view the new body polish on our website.
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Shortlist success at the FreeFrom Awards

Our short-listed products.

Our three short-listed products.

free-from-2014-shortlisted-logoWe entered three products for this year’s ‘FreeFrom Skincare Awards’, and we’re delighted to announce that all three have been shortlisted.

This means they’ve been selected from many other natural skincare products as potential prize-winners. And will now be sent on to a team of 10 Beauty Bible testers for a month-long, in-depth evaluation.

Last year we entered three products and won two silver awards, and had another shortlisted. We also won a Best Brand award. So our record so far has been pretty good.

This year’s shortlisted products are our ‘Gentle cleansing melt‘ in the Face care (take off) category. Our ‘Revitalising body polish‘ in the Body care (take off) category. And our ‘Foot softening balm‘ in the Hand, nail & footcare category.

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