In the next of our popular series on Botanicals Therapists, Lisa talks to Louise Harkiss (above left), who runs her mobile holistic therapy business in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

Tell me a little about yourself and your business:

I’m Louise Harkiss and I’m a holistic therapist. I work part time as a therapist, and I also work as an auditor, health & safety advisor and office manager – I find carrying out treatments balances me.

I work from home and also go to clients’ homes. I am fully qualified in Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone, workplace massage, ear candling and recently became a Reiki master. I also do pamper parties/chill out parties which are extremely popular.

What was your journey into the therapy business ?

Years ago I used to go for various treatments and loved them. One day whilst at a pilates class I came across a lady who had just completed a Reiki course and was looking for volunteers to practice on. I offered and I had about six treatments.

After each treatment  Icame away feeling quite tearful. I advised the therapist that maybe this wasnt the treatment for me. She told me to keep coming as I was having a clearance and that crying was good. I had always been the sort of person that put on a front when anything was wrong. So over the years held a lot of emotions in and hadn’t dealt with issues.

After the clearance, Reiki energised me like nothing I had ever felt in my life before. I started seeing the world through different eyes – driving to work in the morning I would be in awe of the sky, the birds singing seemed to amplify and sound so magnificent. I would go as far to say that reiki changed my life.

I started to become more positive, confident and in control of my life. After a while I realised that I wanted to help people feel as good as I did, so I enrolled on Reiki 1, and shortly after completed Reiki 2, which then led on to all sorts of other courses and self development workshops.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love helping people, I love it when someone comes to me all uptight & stressed and then leaves with a serene, calmer demeanour. Carrying out my treatments makes me feel great – as well as my clients. I love the people who come into my life through the treatments. I’m a people person and like to pass on any knowledge that will help a person empower themselves.

What’s been you’re greatest challenge?

Balancing two jobs & being a single mum to my daughter.

What’s been you’re greatest learning ?

Reiki has been my greatest learning.

What made you choose Botanicals for your business?

I love the fact that they are organic and are reasonably priced. Botanicals products are different. They are pure. They are safe. They also smell amazing. They just resonate with me.

How do you integrate Botanicals into your business to make it such a success?

I love using all the facial products – they are just so amazing. I will be using the great tips that Botanicals provide very soon, and will also be carrying out Botanicals pamper parties.


What is your favourite Botanicals product and why?

I love the Rose clay & rose hip facial mask – it just feels so nice on the skin and doesn’t feel too heavy. I love the whole Rose & Camelia range – your skin is left feeling super soft.

Do you have any case studies / client success stories of using the products that you could share?

I have a client who comes for facials. She has a hormone imbalance and suffers with polycystic ovary syndrom. She loves having a facial and facial massage. I always use the Botanicals Rose & Camelia range, and I always get a text from her the next day commenting on how wonderful her skin feels.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to learn angel therapy. I am going to be attending a “How to Read Angel Cards” course in February, I want to become a Reiki Master teacher as I can’t wait to pass on the knowledge I know about this wonderful treatment. I’m also considering life coaching, baby massage and make up artistry – very varied but I have many interests. And as I already mentioned, I am going to be carrying out Botanicals pamper parties.

My life dream would be to open my own holistic therapy centre – watch this space!

Louise Harkiss
Louise Harkiss Holistic Therapies
Mobile: 07877 471797