Based in Central Ireland near Kinnegad in County Wexmouth, the Rowan Tree Clinic is a wonderful example of what a small team of dedicated volunteers can do, offering practical help to people living with chronic medical conditions. And here at Botanicals, we’re delighted to be able to support them in a very small way by providing them with our Botanicals body oils and balms.

rowan-tree-clinic-logoEstablished in 2011, The Rowan Tree Clinic has a team of 10 professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in a range of therapies, attracting clients from all over Ireland. Click here to read more about their work on their own website.

Paula Hynes is both Manager and Therapist at the clinic. And she was keen to share some of the comments her team have made about using our oils in their treatment therapies. Paula emailed to say;

“We’ve been using Botanicals organic massage blends and foot balms in all of our touch therapies and reiki treatments at the Rowan Tree Clinic for over a year and a half now. As many of our clients live with multiple chronic conditions, it is very important to us that we use top quality products that are gentle and trustworthy.

“Botanicals provide us with a product that we feel very confident in using. We love its purity, gentleness and restorative qualities. The oils are a huge hit with our therapy team and clients alike!”

Jo Corrigan is a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist;

“Botanicals products have added a new dimension to treatments at The Rowan Tree Clinic. I know that the products are already reikied so this makes the oil precious. One client who has difficulty smelling kept getting whiffs of the sandalwood during the Indian head massage.

“The other day I ran out of balm and used Botanicals ‘Deep peace’ body oil, suffused with marjoram, on problematic areas of the feet – specifically for arthritis before reflexology. I feel lucky and special to be able to use such wonderful products at the Rowan Tree Clinic.”

Linda Glynn is a Footcare Specialist and Reflexologist;

“My absolute favourite oil to use on clients is the Botanicals ‘Indulgence’ blend. I love and my clients love it. When clients come in feeling fatigued I use this massage blend and get the sense that it is ‘feeding their souls’.

“I finish each footcare treatment with a winding down massage using the rich balm. The result is always the same – a very happy and deeply relaxed client.”

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