Here at Botanicals, we recognise the importance of using ingredients grown on soil which is not tainted by chemical fertilisers. Which is why we were one of the UK’s first skincare companies to carry the Soil Association logo. And it’s also why we support the organisation’s year-long campaign to promote the quality of soil – which is so important for the quality of our crops and our food.

Speaking about the effect of farming on our soils, Soil Association Chief Executive, Helen Browning, warned:

“We’ve already degraded about 40 per cent of our soils internationally, and that’s happening here in the UK as well. If we don’t take care of our soils, we won’t be able to feed people in 50 years.”

Helen went on to talk about the price of organic produce, which is often higher than conventionally farmed:

“But I think if you have the option to support a way of farming that is much better for the environment and much better for animal welfare then it’s a great thing.”

Organic sales up by 20%

In the organic health and beauty sector many more consumers than ever before are looking for a symbol of authenticity such as the Soil Association organic certification. In fact organic sales rose by 20% in 2014.

Botanicals’ entire range is certified by the Soil Association, as well as the new international COSMOS standard. This means that our our organic ingredients are farmed to the highest standards, paying attention to sustainability and environmental impact – including soil health.