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It’s easy to forget that our hands are exposed to the elements just as much as our face. So they need just as much care and attention. Especially since the skin on our hands is often the first to show those tell-tale signs of ageing.  This is why we developed an innovative hand serum which is full of organic cold-pressed oils that are perfect for nurturing and rejuvenating the skin.

Most hand creams are a mix of oils and water. What makes our serum different is that we use only pure oils – making this a perfect intensive treatment, as well as a great addition to any at-home manicure.

The serum has received some great customer reviews (click here to read them). Sarah is a professional therapist;

The product is nicely packaged and simple to use – and you only need a couple of drops at a time so it lasts for ages! I teach my own spa handcare courses and I am definitely going to introduce the students to this product.

bb-logo-smAnd we’ve just heard that the serum has been given a silver award (right) after being tested on the Bizzie Baby website. Here’s some of their comments;

This is my little miracle in a bottle

“This is an amazing product and quality is excellent. This is my little miracle in a bottle. I have seen my hands age over the years and just become dry and look pretty awful. Well this is a miracle worker (and I have tried so many hand creams in the past).

You just put a little drop on your hands rub in and hey presto they look smooth, younger even and feel great. I am now no longer ashamed of my hands and they look and feel fabulous. I just love this and never thought it would be so effective.”  Reviewer: Jeanette rating given to the serum 5/5.

“My initial impression of this product was good. The packaging was great; ideal size for my pocket or handbag. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. The quality is excellent. After using this hand cream I did feel a huge difference. My hands feel loads better now. I love that this product is 100% natural and Organic too.

I think if offers excellent value for money. It worked great on my hands leaving them feel lovely and soft. I will definitely continue to use this brand from now on. I have already told friends at work about it. This hand cream came at the right time as my hands were in a terrible condition. They look and feel loads better now.” Reviewer: Yvonne. Rating given to serum 5/5.

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