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Our latest reviews are in and we have been thoroughly enjoying reading them. With a mix of skincare and bodycare reviews this week, we hope you will find a product that sparks your interest. Click any heading below to view a product on our webshop, and the Blogger link to read the full review on their website.

Revitalising rose clay facial mask

“Botanicals revitalising mask is definitely the most gentle face mask I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all. It doesn’t make my skin feel tight. It’s so gentle I almost forget I have it on. I only use a small amount, so it will last for a while. You can either use the clay as it is or mix it with a few drops of flower water in your hands. I tried both and works just as well either way.

“After rinsing my skin feels so clean and fresh. I can tell that any impurities and dirt are gone. The skin is still smooth and hasn’t dried out at all. I was pleasantly surprised as it’s so gentle on, I didn’t think it would do much. But it does work and I feel so clean.

“Even my husband said he didn’t recognise me. I don’t know if that was an insult to me or a compliment to Botanicals. Maybe both!” Sara Steele

Soothing lavender & chamomile salve

“Once the oil has disappeared you are honestly left with baby soft, nourished skin. I think it’s so amazing that natural ingredients can do so much for you; I guess it shows you don’t need to be using a lot of the ingredients included in so many high street products.” Emma from Anomalous me blog

Nourishing face balm

“Botanicals have created our go-to product to give our face some extra TLC, the Nourishing Face Balm is a luxurious, indulgent and multi-purpose treatment. The award-winning balm is designed to enhance skin’s texture, in order words you should wake up in the morning with baby soft skin. This is the perfect burst of hydration for dry skin and would even work as an after-sun.

“The key ingredients of this handmade treatment are shea butter, jojoba oil, wild rose and green tea extracts to name a few. All of which provide a deep conditioning with a beautiful rose infused scent, we loved lathering the balm on at night as the fragrance soothed us into a relaxed sleep. The natural oils balance even oily skin and work with the natural processes of skin rejuvenation rather than against it.

“We can’t get enough of our super soft skin! A little goes a long way, one pot will keep you refreshed and radiant for a good while. Reveal the English Rose in you with this UK Handmade face balm” Amazing PR blog

Himalayan rose mineral bath soak

“The Botanicals Mineral Bath Soak is a lovely product that I add a scoop into my bath and I find it super relaxing and floral scents are just beautiful. The product is 100% natural and has recently won a Green Parent Natural Beauty Award – well deserved I think.” Zoe Lianne

Revitalising body polish

“Whilst standing in the bath, you can use Botanicals Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub to slough away dry skin and let the scrub fall into the bath so the water is beautifully scented. The water from the bath will warm your skin, preparing it for your skincare treats.” Amber from Amber’s beauty talk

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