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One of our New Year resolutions here at Botanicals is to do more with our blog in 2016. Things were very hectic running up to Christmas, and the blog did get a bit forgotten. So there’s a bit of catching up to do. Particularly with our blogger reviews. People do find them useful because they’re written by people who test and compare lots of different brands.

We also want to produce more profiles of people who use Botanicals professionally. Either as independent therapists, or as larger salons. The feedback they get from clients is really important to us. But to start 2016, here’s a few reviews published at the end of last year. More to follow!

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Nourishing face balm

Our Award winning botanical balm is perfect for nourishing and protecting dry skin in the winter:

“I have found since using Botanicals my skin has improved. I normally have dry patches on my cheeks and recently I haven’t been as dry. Especially in the winter I need a more moisturising face cream. The cold weather mixed with central heating can be devastating for my skin. I find that Botanicals nourishing face balm is exactly what my skin needs. It’s perfect for night time and I wake up with perfectly hydrated skin.”  Sara from Sara Steele blog

Muscle ease body oil

This oil has a wonderful essential oil blend to soothe aching muscles:

“I’ve been using this for around three weeks on and off now, mainly across my shoulders and neck, plus, occasionally on my leg (with new hip). I’ve found, especially round my shoulders, it helps relieve tension and is slightly warming, but not that you feel specific heat when applied like some stronger blends.” Heidi from Chronic Beauty blog

Gentle Facial polish

Our exfoliating cleanser contains a blend of oats and rosehip seeds to exfoliate gently without any polluting microbeads:

“This product is such a treat – a weekly exfoliation truly makes me feel like I’m living a far more luxurious life than I really am. It helps that this smells divine too – the Mandarin scent is noticeable but not at all overpowering. It truly is a gentle exfoliator – the particles are far from abrasive! As with the Beauty Balm, a little of this product goes an awfully long way, and I know it will take me a while to finish tiny pot” Aimee from Tomorrow Living blog

Balancing moisturiser

Our popular moisturiser contains a blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile:

“This Mandarin & Chamomile moisturiser is a light but hydrating cream which quickly soaks into your skin. There were a few extra cold days towards the end of the Berlin trip and this moisturiser did a wonderful job at keeping my skin hydrated and soft. It has a lovely subtle scent to it and is a pleasure to use every morning.” Daisy from Pretty Green Tea blog

Beautiful hands serum

This serum is full of beautiful botanical oils such as, rosehip, carrot seed and evening primrose oil:

“it is such a hydrating oil and the I love the pipette dispenser” Heather of Beauty and Nothingness

Therapeutic Foot soak

A mix of himalayan and dead sea salts, full of therapeutic properties and minerals makes this the perfect treat for weary feet:

“This is the perfect product to look after your feet. With over 84 essential minerals it’s guaranteed to put a spring back in your step after you’ve slept of it’s power relaxation technique of course!” Eloise from Eloise loves nature

Calling all beauty bloggers!

Get in touch if you blog about beauty and skincare products and would like to review any of our range.