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Reviews from beauty bloggers have been coming in thick and fast again this week. There’s also been lots of support for ‘Organic Beauty Week’ and the ‘Campaign for Clarity’ which has been fantastic to see. The more we can spread the word about what organic really means, the easier it will be for consumers to navigate the natural and organic market until the the time when regulation becomes tighter and more rigorous.

We’ve selected three reviews from the most recent; one on our ever-popular ‘Radiance facial serum’, and two on our ‘Orange blossom softening balm’. Click the heading below to view either product on our webshop, and the Blogger link to read the full review on their website.

Radiance facial serum

So far, I’ve been using this serum for just under a month and it’s really made a huge difference to my dry cheeks and forehead. I apply a drop from the pipet (so cute) to each cheek, and one to my forehead after cleansing both day and night (I’m also thinking of integrating some natural toner in that routine at some point), and rub in upwards circles with my hands across my problem areas. When I sleep in it, I wake up with soft, plump skin, and it seems to have reduced my blemishes too. Besma from Curiously Conscious blog

Orange blossom body balm

As well as keeping my face hydrated, I always use body products to keep the rest of me moisturised. My dry skin has been loving Botanicals Body Balm which comes in a gorgeous Orange Blossom scent that smells summery and citrusy. Evelyn from We Were Raised by Wolves blog

The best thing about this product is that the effect actually lasts. I most often use body balms on my legs, as that’s where I find my skin can get a bit dry from time to time (probably all the shaving etc), and when I use botanicals balm my skin feels just as smooth at the end of the day as it did straight after applying. Overal I’m very impressed. Tamara from Rainbowfeet blog

Calling all beauty bloggers!
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