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We get lots of great feedback from professional therapists who use our products. And some of them post comments on our Facebook page. So we just thought we’d share a couple of recent messages which show how using natural and organic skincare products really can make a difference – especially if you suffer from problematic or sensitive skin.

Jennifer is a professional therapist currently on holiday in Texas. She discovered that our Rose & camellia hydrating mist provides the perfect cure for calming down mosquito bites. And closer to home, Tara from ‘Massage Away’ in the Lake District finds our Green clay & avocado balancing mask is great for tackling skin problems.

Customers have posted reviews on most of the products on our website. To read or post a review, simply click the review tab under the product title. Here are some other recent reviews on these two products…

Rose & camellia hydrating mist

This is the best product for me! The smell, oh my! So good. The skin tonic can be used as a toner or as a cleanser on a lazy day. It really wakes you up in the mornings. It is great at taking dirt off and leaves your skin feeling delicious. I will be purchasing more of this! Cathryn.

Green clay & avocado balancing detox mask

This masque is a life saver! It calms down skin redness, reduces/gets rid of blemishes and even reduced my boyfriends boil over night so it just looked like a little pimple the next morning! Siobhan.

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