foot-scrub-awardWe’re delighted to announce that our Lemongrass & tea tree foot scrub has won an award from those well-known beauty-gurus, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey. Also, our Natural foot balm has been listed as one of Jo’s all-time favourite foot care products. Both products now feature in their new book,┬áThe Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

Here’s Jo and Staceys’ verdict on our foot scrub:

The sister-product to Jo’s fave foot balm, from a small British apothecary brand: Dead Sea salts and Himalayan miner crystals are blended into a solid base of organic shea butter, sunflower and castor oil, with a lively lemiongrass and mandarin scent, plus a drop of antiseptic tee oil. When sluiced away, it leaves skin softly moisturised – so no need for additional foot cream.

And here are the judges’ comments:

“A real pamper treat: perfect for anyone who stands all day, legs feel less third and tender, refreshed and revitalised”

“…feet felt really soft and pampered; it also helped my very dry hands.”

“I use it every evening after bathing on the very dry cracked skin on my feet, especially heels, and it does a really good job, feet feel wonderful, refreshed, soft and norednes; especially good for cracked skin – also helped my mother’s psoriasis on her feet immediately and she didn’t need to use her prescription cream.”

Our foot balm appears in their Beauty Bible under the heading ‘We love’:

For Jo, it’s a newish discovery made while we were judging the UK Soil Association’s Health & Beauty Awards in 2010: Botanicals Natural Foot Balm, lush with shea butter and with foot-reawakeing (and anti-bacterial) oils of peppermint and tea tree.

Fabulously fragrant

Uniquely formulated and fabulously fragrant, our all-natural foot scrub is made with Himalayan mineral crystal, Dead Sea salt, organic shea butter and exotic oils.

Statistics show that 43 per cent of people suffer from dry hard skin on their feet. Which at best can prove unsightly and embarrassing. And at worst can cause cracking of the skin, leading to infection. As you get older, your skin becomes even dryer, so a regular foot care routine is essential for the maintenance of healthy feet.

Botanicals foot scrub is very easy to use. It is super concentrated (containing no water) so a little goes a long way. Simply remove a blob with the fingertips, and massage into your feet, concentrating on larger areas of hard skin, such as hard-working heels and the balls of the feet.

The scrub contains Himalayan mineral crystals to break down and slough away hard skin cells, and organic shea butter to soften and plump up the skin underneath, revealing visibly softer skin after just one application. It is easily washed off with warm water, and because it’s water soluble, leaves no greasy residue.

Like all our natural skin care products, Botanicals natural foot scrub is certified by the Soil Association. It’s also great value. (A jar will last several months if used weekly.)