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brighten your skin

Brighter, fresher-looking skin

Spring clean your beauty routine by treating yourself to one of Botanicals’ anti-ageing facial serums for instantly fresher-looking skin. And this weekend we’re offering a special, money-saving promotion.

Infused with a powerfully potent blend of high-performing botanical oils and extracts to help fade and prevent the signs of ageing, they come in two varieties.

Customers with sensitive skin tell us they love the skin-soothing properties of our super-powerful Chamomile & mandarin anti-ageing facial serum. And those with dry and mature skin say our Rose & camellia serum leaves their skin feeling hydrated and fantastic.

Dramatic improvements

Anti-oxidant camellia combines with the skin-regenerating properties of rosehip oil to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in our Rose & camellia serum. While a dash of carrot (rich in skin-nurturing vitamins) gently nourishes, repairs and moisturises skin. Customers have reported dramatic improvements in their skin tone within days of using our serum.

Our Chamomile & mandarin serum is specially formulated to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Handmade in small batches from a powerful blend of precious oils, it combines the naturally soothing and skin-brightening properties of jojoba, chamomile and mandarin with lashings of nature’s answer to botox – avocado oil – to gently hydrate skin.

Highly concentrated

Better still, their highly concentrated formulas contain no water, or any other filler ingredients, making make them excellent value for money, as a little of these products definitely goes a long way.

Botanicals was one of the first skin-care companies to be certified by the Soil Association. It shows our commitment to creating the finest natural and organic products available today – and all at easily-affordable prices.

And this weekend (April 4th – 6th) we are making them even more affordable!

Look out for full details of our “Brighten your skin” promotion on Friday in your email, or on our Facebook page.  Join our Facebook event now!


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