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Our new calming lotion has been getting some wonderful reviews – from both customers and bloggers. To read the reviews on our website (26 at the last count!), simply visit the product page and click the reviews tab. Here’s one that caught my eye, posted by professional therapist, Louise Harkiss;

This lotion is lovely, applied after shaving my legs and felt really lovely – you don’t need loads. I had threading done last week and my skin had an outbreak. I applied some of this lotion & it eased off. The aroma is lovely – not over bearing like some products. I love the packaging too – well done Botanicals on another fantastic product.

And here’s a selection of excerpts from recent blog reviews (click on a link to read a post in full);

Nettie from Reclusive Fox

One squirt of the creamy lotion is about enough to cover your forearm. It’s thick but it rubs in within a few strokes so there’s no need to worry about spending a lot of time pampering your skin after your bath or shower. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky, just incredibly soft and very well looked after.

Yes, it does what it says it will do, it calms and it soothes. Do I recommend it? Of course! My skin feels soft, I haven’t suffered with dry shins all week and I feel great knowing that there are no nasty chemicals or parabens being absorbed into my system.

Annie from Purple Clouds

It sinks in quickly and calms redness to leave the skin feeling silky, nourished and delicately scented with lavender. I even used a tiny dab on my face after having my eyebrows waxed and again, that irritated, tingly feeling just melted away almost instantly.

Dee from DB Reviews

First pump of the lotion and I knew my skin was going to love this. The lotion has ‘the perfect’ texture and gets absorbed nicely. It leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. And the fragrance is gorgeous – natural and fresh.

Fifi friendly

The smell of lavender and tea tree was very apparent but was welcomed. Overall this lotion was wonderfully soothing and I applied it for the first few days after using the epilator to help prevent the dreaded in-grown hairs. So far so good. my skin felt a lot less sensitive, mush less red looking and was re-moisturised.

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