Botanicals natural foot balm, can now boast two accolates: Firstly as winner of ‘Best Organic Body Care’ in this year’s Natural & Organic Awards, and secondly as “miracle remedy” for dry skin on feet, as heralded by a lady from Scotland who suffers from diabeties.

She has suffered with skin problems on her feet for many years; a common complaint for people with diabetes. She had tried all sorts of ‘prescribed’, and ‘over the counter’ products, but explained that nothing had been able to help: “My feet were in a terrible state, dry and cracked, and I’d been very worried about getting foot ulcers – which can lead to serious complications” she explained.

A beauty therapist who has treated the lady for more than three years, recommended Botanicals: “I was very concerned about her feet, and suggested she try Botanicals foot balm, which we use in our pedicures. When I next saw her three weeks later, I was amazed! Her feet were transformed. The skin had become soft, with no more cracks”.

“I can only call it a ‘miracle’, reported the lady. I’m so pleased to have found a product that works, that I want to let other people who have similar foot problems know about it”.

Botanicals products are different than conventional foot creams because they are made using only natural and organic ingredients. Our award winning foot balm contains 100% active ingredients – including shea butter (a natural butter from Africa), and organic cold pressed oils – so it’s very skin softening. It also contains pure essential oils – chosen for their natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, and natural vitamin E – which is a powerful anti-oxidant.

But what we leave out is equally important. We don’t use chemicals, synthetic additives or petroleum based ingredients in our creams, as these can be drying and irritating to the skin. It’s so rewarding to have such fantastic evidence that natural is best – and to reinforce our message that nature really does know best.

If you have dry skin on feet, try our “miracle cure” natural foot balm.