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Botanicals has always been a great supporter of the Soil Association. We think they do a great job in promoting all things organic, as well as highlighting the risks posed by potentially harmful chemicals in everything from food to cosmetics. This is why we were one of the first skincare companies to become accredited by the Association. And is why we’re proud that all our products carry their logo.

Here’s what the Association says about companies such as ours;

We believe that choosing organic when it comes to health and beauty is better for people and the planet. It’s as simple as that. Brands have to pass rigorous checks of their products to carry our prestigious symbol, which represents quality and trust. If you see our sign, you know your product is organic.

For the last few years the Soil Association has held a campaign throughout September to persuade more of us to shop organic. (Click here for more details.) There will be lots of special offers from Soil Association licensees. And we’ll be joining in the fun!

As well as the ‘Organic September’ campaign, the Association is also promoting ‘Organic Beauty Week’ (details here). The theme this year will be based around their ‘Campaign for clarity’ which promotes clear labelling on all cosmetics and skincare products. We highlighted the campaign in a previous blog post.

Free products

Botanicals is creating four, week-long offers throughout September with free gifts from our hands, feet, face and body ranges. The first week’s offer is a free 10ml bottle of our popular ‘Beautiful Hands Anti-ageing Serum’ when purchasing a ‘Revitalising Hand Balm’. The serum costs £13.95 – making it a great offer – and has also received some rave reviews…

You only need a few drops on your hands to leave them feeling soft, silky & smooth & smelling wonderful. (Karen)

This is very nourishing and feels lovely, I apply at night followed by handcream and the condition of my hands is greatly improved. (Ana)

The product is nicely packaged and simple to use – and you only need a couple of drops at a time so it lasts for ages! I teach my own spa handcare courses and I am definitely going to introduce the students to this product. (Sarah)

We have to restrict these weekly offers to one per customer. The handcare offer ends on September 6th. Click here to view details on our website.

Remember to sign up for our ‘Botanicals Notes’ newsletter to receive details of these – as well as all future offers.
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