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This is the second of our four week-long offers to support the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September’ campaign. Purchase a 50g pot of our multi-award winning Foot softening balm and receive a free 175g pot of Botanicals therapeutic foot soak – worth £12.50. Both products have received some glowing reviews from satisfied customers; many of them professional therapists (see below).

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Click here to view the special offer on our website. And click either link to read full product descriptions, with ingredients listing and customer reviews: Botanicals foot softening balm : Botanicals therapeutic foot soak.

Botanicals foot-softening balm

“I use this balm on myself and my reflexology clients – we all love it. It nourishes, softens and soothes the feet as well as having a therapeutic effect. A little goes a long way. Brilliant!” Louise.

“I have just started to use this product for my reflexology clients, all have commented how wonderful it feels. Have also used on myself and my feet feel amazing. Very pleased indeed.” Lindsay.

“I use the foot balm in my Reflexology practice, it’s absolutely fantastic, I love it and so do my clients. It leaves the feet soft and moisturised and the essential oils smell absolutely gorgeous as well as having amazing theraputic effect.” Lisa.

Botanicals therapeutic foot soak

“Salt is an excellent antiseptic and so is tea tree so this is a perfect pedicure product! I use the soak before Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology treatments too. It is deeply cleansing, refreshing and relaxing – and of course Himalayan salt has excellent energetic properties and a high mineral content so is a good choice for natural therapies.

“The aroma is calming and soothing, and the product dissolves nicely into the water, releasing the natural oils. Clients love the beautiful pink colour of the salt.” Sarah.

“I use this product on myself and reflexology clients – we all love it! The ingredients have an overall therapeutic effect, easing tired feet, softening the skin and giving an overall feeling of relaxation and walking on air! – just lovely.” Louise.

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