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Give your feet some much-needed TLC.

Summer is here (well almost). And If you’re typical of most of us, you’ll be looking at your dry, cracked heels, and realising that your feet are in urgent need of some serious TLC.

Botanicals Natural Skin Care has the perfect solution to transform your neglected tootsies, into perfect pampered feet – ready for the summer season’s strappy sandals and flip flops.

Lisa Whitehead, consultant therapist at Botanicals, offers some tips on how to create perfect sandal ready feet, with a Botanicals home pedicure ritual:

“You will need a large bowl or foot spa filled with warm water, some soft towels, and some gentle music,” explains Lisa.

  • Firstly, sprinkle Botanicals Himalayan mineral crystal foot soak into the warm water and allow to infuse. The crystals are divinely fragranced with an infusion of organic essentials oils. As well as softening the hard skin they will revitalise the feet with essential minerals.
  • After soaking, scrub away all the dead skin cells with Botanicals lemongrass foot scrub.
  • Rinse off the scrub, and dab the feet dry on a soft towel.
  • Next, apply a few drops of organic cuticle¬†oil¬†to soften the cuticles and revitalise the toe nails.
  • Now rub in Botanicals award winning natural foot balm.
  • (If you have a willing partner, get them to massage your feet and lower legs with Botanicals specially blended organic massage oil.)
  • Finally put your feet up for half an hour and let the feet treats work their magic, while you have a cup of herbal tea!

Botanicals Natural Skin Care, winner of two coveted European awards this year, prides itself on producing natural, organic and ethical skin care, all of which is certified by the Soil Association.

Mint & tea tree foot balm, Best Organic Body Care Award Winner, is part of Botanicals range of foot pampering treats.


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