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Here at Botanicals we love reading independent reviews of our products, especially when they’re written by people who are new to our products, and they become instant converts. Here’s a selection from the last seven days, with a big thank-you to the bloggers who take the time to write about us. We really appreciate it! (As always click on product heading to view details including ingredients and click on the blog name to click through to the full reviews).

Rose and Camellia Cleansing melt for Dry skin

Our cleansing melts are perfect for all year round, but really fantastic for the colder months when skin is feeling particularly sensitive due to the weather. They don’t contain any beeswax which can clog pores. Instead they have a beautiful soft shea butter base. This also means they are suitable for vegans. They also have gentle, relaxing scents, making them a pleasure to use. Here is some of the great feedback we have received:

“Firstly can I saw this cleanser smells amazing. There is a subtle rose fragrance there, but it also smelt like there was a hint of neroli (Although I could not see it on the ingredients). This product is not overpowering, in fact I found the scent relaxing, both in the pot and on my skin. The product contains 87% organic ingredients too.

This was my first product from Botanicals and I was not disappointed. The Cleansing Melt is a solid product which you need very little of. In fact a pea size amount is enough for me to cleanse my whole face and neck! Meaning, this 55g pot is going to last ages! So, although the outlay is a little pricey to begin with, it is economical in the long term.” Mel from 30 Something Mel

“If you have never been able to use cleansing balms like me because they erupt in a breakout the day after, then rejoice as I’ve found one for confused skin like ours! It’s by a company called Botanicals and as you can probably tell by the name and the packaging, the product leans more towards the natural and organic category, which is always great in the chemical laden world we live in.

This cleansing melt is the Rose & Camellia one and smells sweet, warm and spa-like. I wanted to say ‘it smells like Christmas’ but the phrase is a bit too overused no? It’s quite comforting to use and instantly makes you want to trust it for it’s cleansing abilities. Like every dubious blogger, I tried it with caution but was pleasantly surprised by it’s ability to keep my skin balanced. It’s been a regular evening cleanser since then and my skin’s quite happy.” Shifa from Get Gorgeous

Orange Blossom Body balm

Our Orange blossom body balm is turning into a firm beauty-blogger and customer favourite. It’s perfect for taking care of dry skin all over the body. Our body balm is truly versatile and great value due to the fact that it has no fillers – just pure butters and oils:

“This 89g tub is made of glass with a plastic black lid giving it that high end feel. The product inside surprised me with its grainy soft like silk white consistency that quickly turns into an oily non sticky consistency when applied to the skin. It truly has become my favourite body product! It moisturises the body beautifully and the moisture lasts all day. The scent is stunning filling the room with an Italian orangery and spa feeling, with the scent not leaving the skin for the rest of the day”. Alessia from Velvet Lashes blog

“I suffer with extremely dry patches on my arms at the moment, so I thought that using this body balm on these areas would be a good idea to see if it would soften the skin. The balm had quite an oily texture, so for anyone with oily skin I would be skeptical! I used the balm once a day on the dry patches and the skin has actually starter to feel and look better already and this is only after 2 weeks. I feel that if I was to continue this, the dry patches will completely disappear.”  Lois from Visualising you blog

“The shea butter is significant for me as I have found the ingredient to be highly effective when it comes to moisturising without the dreaded greasy feel. When applied to damp skin, shea butter almost completely sinks in to the skin, leaving a gentle glow. And this oil base with the addition of the wonderful scents of orange blossom, patchouli and neroli essential oils means that this is a truly deliciously smelling product. Botanicals are really starting to take the position as one of my favourite brands and this is another brilliant offering from them.” Katie from Katie Vibes blog

Hydrating mist with Rose and Camellia

Our Hydrating mists have been created to quench thirsty skin, to be used in place of a toner. The handy spray means you can skip cotton wool if you choose and spritz directly on to the skin.

“I am a huge fan of Botanicals Rose & Camellia range. Out of the three toners, this Hydrating Mist is the one that gives the biggest hit of moisture. I love the fragrance and would use this to refresh my skin throughout the day. This is also the best value for money.” Karen from In my Humble Opinion

“This particular Hydrating Mist is infused with chamomile to calm the skin, white tea to deliver to anti-oxidant action, lavender to also soothe along with mandarin to tone. Simply spritz onto the face or apply using a cotton pad; I found the spritz a bit too powerful to me so I used it with a pad after cleaning. The mist left my skin feeling refreshed without causing it to flare up and it did feel soothed after.” Jen from Jen’s Green Skin

Mineral Bath soak himalayan Rose

The bath time treat everyone is falling in love with, these mineral bath soaks are made with the finest Himalayan and epsom salts and organic essential oils for the ultimate relaxing experience:

“The fragrance just made me feel as if I was in a spa. I could feel all my bones and joints just relaxing! (and being a student, this felt fantastic!) The only thing that I was unsure about was how much to use… I mean, I didn’t want to use loads but I did want the fragrance to come through. I found that 2 spoonful’s’ was perfect, however, this may be different for somebody who would prefer a subtler sort of fragrance.” Lois from Visualising you blog

Calling all beauty bloggers! Get in touch if you blog about beauty and skincare products and would like to review any of our range.
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