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New Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

New Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new addition to the Botanicals range; Botanicals Organic Sanitiser.

With growing concerns over the use of chemical-based antibacterial and antiseptic hand cleansers, this 100% natural, Organic Sanitiser is suitable for all skin types and provides a natural alternative for in-salon and home use.

A spritz of Organic Sanitiser delivers natural antibacterial benefits and dries quickly on the skin. It also has a pleasing natural fragrance and is made with organic alcohol derived from sugar beet, organic lavender and tea tree essential oils, and mineral-rich spring water, to help restore mineral depletion from the skin. Like all products in the Botanicals range, new Organic Sanitiser is certified by the Soil Association.

Wendy explains why she decided to add the new natural, Organic Sanitiser to the Botanicals range. “Like many professional therapists, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the growing use of chemical-based liquid soaps and the potential health risks they pose. I therefore decided to offer therapists a natural, organic alternative in the Botanicals range, which was equally effective but kinder on the body and pleasing to use.”

Tried and tested

Wendy adds, “After formulating the Sanitiser, The Nailhouse in Bristol trialled the product and I’m pleased to report it was a great success.”

Abigail and James, sister and brother team behind The Nailhouse comment, “We believe in the remedial power of nature so when we created our manicure and pedicure treatments using Botanicals products, we also asked Wendy to provide a natural hand sanitisation product.

“We didn’t want to use a chemically loaded sanitiser at The Nailhouse as it goes against our natural ethos. Wendy has delivered a natural, organic product we enjoy using everyday as professionals and also have in our kitchen at home for family use!  We also requested retail sizes as we thought this would be a product our clients would like to purchase, suggesting a 50ml handbag size.”

Botanicals customers can now also purchase our new Organic Sanitiser here. We’ve launched two retail sizes; a100ml bottle for home use and a 50ml handbag size (as suggested by The Nailhouse) for when out and about.

Wendy adds, “Our handbag sized Organic Sanitiser is also perfect for festival goers. All the benefits of natural antibacterial protection, kind and gentle and leaves skin feeling silky soft and smooth.”

We hope you decide to try and enjoy using our pure and natural Organic Sanitiser. With an easy to use pump action spritz bottle, you can ensure your hands and feet are hygienically cleansed – without petrochemicals!

View Botanicals Organic Sanitiser.

Limited Edition Christmas gift sets

Limited Edition Christmas gift sets

Special offer for Botanicals Notes subscribers

Order before November 20th and save 15% on our Christmas Collections. Simply enter the coupon code collections2015 when you get to the checkout.

Here at Botanicals we’ve been busy little elves creating three new limited edition gift collections for Christmas. Each collection includes generous trial-sizes of some of our best selling products. They should provide the perfect introduction to anyone who wants to try organic skincare. And as with all our products, we don’t include any ‘filler’ ingredients. It means that they are all highly concentrated – and a little truly will go a long way. The collections are designed with different skin types and concerns in mind:

Gentle Skincare Christmas Collection

This collection of some of our most popular skincare products has been designed to care for the particular needs of sensitive and problem skin; perfectly and naturally.

Costing just £35.95, the collection includes; (Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews.)


Nourishing Skincare Christmas Collection

The perfect gift for anyone with normal, dry or mature skin, our Rose & camellia gift set is guaranteed to help your skin feel nourished, hydrated, soft and smooth.

Costing just £35.95, the collection includes; (Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews.)


Hand & Feet Christmas Pamper Box

Costing just £35.95, the Botanicals ‘Hands and Feet Pamper Box’ includes two of our most popular hand products; our anti-ageing serum and hand lotion.

And two of our favourite foot products; our mint-fragranced foot soak and the multi award-winning foot balm – an ultra-nourishing, natural balm that seriously softens hard, dry skin on the feet.

Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews of the individual products in the collection.


New: Botanicals Calming Body Lotion

New: Botanicals Calming Body Lotion

We’re delighted to announce the release of our latest natural bodycare product; Botanicals Calming Body Lotion (click here to view it on our webshop). It’s finally emerged after many months of stringent testing and has already received some rave reviews.

Professional therapist, Siobhan Carey told us;

“I must say that I was very impressed – from the first pump! It absorbs so much better than other lotions I’ve used. It feels like silk on the skin, and my skin instantly looked improved.”

Explaining how the lotion has been formulated, Wendy explained; “We use a unique blend of certified-organic, plant essences, including extracts of calming marigold and aloe vera, together with soothing shea butter and lavender, and a hint of antiseptic tea tree.

“The lotion is suitable for all skin types, but particularly sensitive skin,” added Wendy. “It’s perfect for calming the skin after hair removal by waxing, shaving or depilatory products. And with regular use, it can help prevent ingrowing hairs by keeping the skin soft and supple.”

Although very close to the final deadline, we decided to submit our calming lotion for the prestigious ‘Pure Beauty Awards’. The competition is very fierce, with over 1000 products submitted, so we were delighted to be shortlisted as one of eight products in the ‘Best New Natural Product’ category.

Vote for us!

The winners will be announced at a ceremony held in The Savoy Hotel at the end of October. Closing date for votes is Friday 3rd October. So if you’d like to cast your vote in our favour, please click here.

Coming soon: our new organic face serum

The main key ingredient in our new anti-ageing serum is organic rosehip oil.

The main key ingredient in our new anti-ageing serum is organic rosehip oil.

We’ve been developing a new ‘anti-ageing’ facial serum over recent months, based on cold-pressed, organic rosehip oil.

It went out to a team of product-testers a couple of weeks ago. And we’re now in the process of getting everything ready for the launch.

The results of the initial product evaluation were really positive. Here’s a selection of their comments:

“I found soon as I applied the serum it sunk in amazingly and made my skin glow with health. That’s what I loved with this product. No dryness – just healthy looking skin. It stayed soft and smooth all day. No need to apply again at midday.”

“I love the feel of my skin after only a few days, and you use so little it will be very economical.”

“I could see a more even skin tone plus my small blemishes seemed less obvious. My skin looked younger. Based on this trial, I would recommend it as it improved my skin in such a short time.”
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Reflexology salve for the AoR

The AoR's new salve.We often get asked to create products for other companies and organisations who want something that’s both natural and organic. One of our most recent projects was for the Association of Reflexologists (The AoR). The Association were looking for an organic salve for their members.

Tracey Smith is the AoR’s Reflexology & Research Manager; “There was a gap in the market for a good organic salve,” explained Tracey. “We worked closely with Botanicals to produce one that is both light and fresh, yet does the job well, being slippery where needed but also allowing for specific point work.

Tracey added; “It was also important for us that it’s made in Britain, and not tested on animals.”

Laura Franzen is Editor of the AoR’s Reflexions Magazine, and also a well-experienced reflexologist; “I’ve tried many different products with my treatments since training as a reflexologist. However, I now only use one.”
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The secret ingredient

Made with love.

When we’re making your products, our minds are working. When we’re stirring and mixing, we’re thinking.

Thinking creates vibrations because that’s what thoughts do. The vibrations affect both the products and the people who use them.

So we make and create with care. We pay attention to what we’re thinking. And we don’t forget that in the best of recipes, the secret ingredient is love.

With love from Team Botanicals x

Organic face & skin care sample sets

We’ve just put four organic skin care sample sets containing products from our newly-launched organic face care range on-line. They’re a great way to try out the products before deciding on what suits you best.

Set 1 contains 5g pots of our deep cleanse melt and natural facial polish, plus 5ml bottles of our hydrating mist and facial serum.

Set 2 includes a 5ml bottle of facial oil, plus 5g sample pots of our natural lotion cleanser, deep cleanse melt, face mask and organic skin polish.

Both sets are available in two options. Chamomile and mandarin is best for normal, combination and oily skin types. And rose and camellia best for mature skin, and skin prone to dryness.

They’re all priced at just £9.50, and come in an attractive box with a leaflet explaining the benefits of each product.

Click here for more information and to place an order: Botanicals organic skin care sample sets.