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What's happening at Botanicals

It’s like putting my face to bed!

‘It’s like putting my face to bed” is how Swedish holistic nutritionist Lisa Gusto describes using our Radiance Facial Serum on her latest video blog. We do get some wonderful reviews of both our serums. And we really love reading them. Keep them coming!

Gently does it with Botanicals

Crushed walnut shell in a ‘dermatologist tested’ face scrub has led to a $4million lawsuit, with claims that it can cause micro-tears and long-term skin damage. Which shows that it makes sense to avoid all harsh abrasives.

A peaceful antidote to call centres!

Three recent review: from a cancer survivor, a beauty blogger and a well-respected magazine for professional beauty therapists. All of them love our products. Which is music to our ears!

Confusing packaging is a ‘deal breaker’ for women

Would you understand what tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate was if you saw it on an ingredients list? Most of us wouldn’t, and according to research it would probably put us off purchasing a beauty product if we were looking for something natural and organic.

Say ‘NO’ to animal-tested products

Most people believe cosmetics are no longer tested on animals. But they are. Support Naturewatch Foundation’s campaign to ban this horrible practice – for once and for all.

Organic Sanitiser is the perfect take-away product

Kayleigh reviews our organic sanitiser: “Other sanitisers always leave my hands feeling so dry and uncomfortable but this one makes my hands feel really moisturised, instead of stripped to within an inch of their lives – a first for me.”

Sign the ‘Come clean’ petition

Sign the Soil Association’s petition against greenwashing to ensure green really does mean green when purchasing skincare products.

Looking for authentic organic? Check the label

Some people have been confused by a new high street haircare range using the name ‘Botanicals’. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But there’s a world of difference between organic and non-organic ingredients.

Greenwashing; when organic isn’t always organic

The Soil Association’s latest campaign is called ‘Campaign for Clarity’ and highlights the increasing trend of ‘greenwashing’. It’s a scandal that large companies are able to display terms like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ on their labels. When they’re clearly anything but.

Lemongrass hand balm gets the thumbs up

Beauty blogger Heidi reviews Botanicals lemongrass hand balm: “A purely natural product that is perfect to care for hands and cuticles, especially during the winter months when our skin dehydrates so easily”.

Jessica’s Treatment Room launch

“What I love is that no one person is the same, which is why Botanicals was the perfect choice for me as it lets me tailor-make my treatments to the client’s individual needs, and keeps my job challenging and rewarding.”

Planting a seed

“My passion for this cause led me to research the market for authentic, natural and organic skincare brands, but there seemed to be very few available. I therefore decided to create my own range and Botanicals was born.”