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Our Orange blossom body balm is one of our ‘hero’ products and has been receiving some glowing reviews over recent weeks. With 100% natural and 89% organic ingredients, this is a concentrated balm that is perfect for taking care of dry skin all over the body.

With its blend of cold pressed shea butter, apricot and jojoba oils, it will help soften and smooth the skin. Scented with a beautiful mix of Neroli, patchouli, bergamot and sweet orange essentials oils, it can also be used as a decadent natural perfume balm, to add a touch of luxury to every day.

This luscious balm will melt in to a silky oil with the heat of your hands, so apply a little at a time to any areas in need to moisture. The texture makes it perfect for applying after a bath or a shower when the skin is still damp as this will help it to absorb easily.

A true Beauty blogger favourite, here are some of the fantastic reviews we have received lately: (As always, click on the product title to see its full details or make a purchase, and click on the blog names to see the full review).

“After brushing and washing, the next important step is to moisturize. The Botanicals Softening Body Balm is a luxuriously creamy balm which is delicately fragranced with neroli. bergamot and patchouli essential oils.

“The product has a thick yet lightweight texture – as if it was whipped. Once applied to the skin, it melts away and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Applied on tanned skin, it would add a beautiful, yet temporary, eye-catching sheen.” Jakhira from JakhiraBabe blog

“For my areas of dry skin, Botanicals balms have been a bit of a life saver. I’ve been using for a long time now (the longest out of all the products in this post) and not only do I really enjoy using them but I think that they’re incredibly effective.

I’m really happy to have discovered Botanicals organic skincare and it’s one of those brands that I know I want to explore more. If you’re looking for a gift for someone this Christmas then I think that these would make a wonderful choice!” Angelica from One Little Vice blog

“The product inside surprised me with its grainy soft like silk white consistency that quickly turns into an oily non sticky consistency when applied to the skin. It truly has become my favourite body product!

It moisturises the body beautifully and the moisture lasts all day. The scent is stunning filling the room with an Italian orangery and spa feeling, with the scent not leaving the skin for the rest of the day.” Alessia at Velvet Lashes blog

Calling all beauty bloggers!

Get in touch if you blog about beauty and skincare products and would like to review any of our range.

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