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Botanicals facial cleansing melts are designed to penetrate the skin’s lower layers – removing impurities and restoring natural balance. We produce two flavours (click to view them on our website); Rose & camellia (ideal for normal to dry and mature skin) and Mandarin & chamomile (ideal for normal, combination or sensitive skin).

They are based on the homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like’. Conventional facial cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oil (sebum), which in turn can lead to excessive stimulation of the sebaceous glands, causing the skin to become imbalanced and problematic.

Applying a natural oil-based product to the skin will dissolve make up, and gently remove dead skin cells and other impurities – whilst retaining the skin’s natural balance. When removed with a hot cloth, the pores will open, and all of the impurities which cause dull and blemished skin will be gently released and wiped away.

Not only do natural oils help retain natural balance; they also have a healing, protective and moisturising effect on the skin. Botanicals cleansing melts are based on a unique formulation, which unlike most balm-type cleansers, leaves no oily residue on the skin.

This product is concentrated (does not contain water), so only a small amount is needed (about 1g per application). A little goes a long way, making it great value!

To use:

  • Remove a pea sized amount of cleansing melt with a spatula and gently massage into dry skin using circular movements.
  • Soak an organic muslin cloth or mitts in warm water. (Ideally with a little flower water added.)
  • Squeeze out the cloth or mitts and remove the cleansing melt from the skin, working from the nose and centre of the face outwards.
  • Rinse and squeeze out the cloth/mitts and continue until all the product has been removed.

Our unique formulation has won several awards. The Rose & camellia melt won the prestigious ‘Best Organic Facial Skin Care Award’ in 2010, as well as a ‘Free From Silver Award’ in 2013. The Mandarin & chamomile melt also won silver in the following year’s Free From Awards.

Customer comments

Here are some customer reviews about Rose cleansing melt taken from the Botanicals website.

Brilliant gentle cleanser
“I was cautious about trying a new product on my face as I have very sensitive skin which seems to react to all sorts of ingredients. However, I am now hooked on this cleansing melt, which gently cleanses my skin, easily removing any traces of make-up, leaving it feeling soft and nourished.”

Very pleasant to use
“It never disappoints me. I have only used it twice since I received my order, but it went on my face like a dream, and it was so smooth and felt very velvety, I felt my face was clean but not greasy, soft to touch and I am really pleased with my decision. Will definitely come back and order again.”

Totally amazing
“I love this product… feels great on the skin… skin feels smooth and bright… one worth buying… money spent well!”

I love it!
“I bought a ‘try me’ set and really love this cleansing melt! At first, I didn’t get used to a melt to clean my face. But after few days, it became a pleasant enjoyment! Love the smell and it really does what it said; “removing impurities and restoring natural balance”.

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