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tick-logoBotanicals is only a small company. And there’s a limit to the number of products we can make. Especially since they’re all blended by hand in relatively small quantities. But this means we get lots of enquiries from people looking for everything from natural lip gloss to organic nappy cream. So we’ve decided to create a new section on the website – for guest products.

All the products will have to meet strict guidelines in terms of using natural ingredients – certified organic if possible – and with absolutely no potentially harmful additives, colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

We’re inviting you to recommend some of your favourite natural skin and body care products. You can list up to five products in the form below. But please provide as much information as you can so that we can easily identify both the products and the makers.

More Botanicals products

You can also use the form to suggest any products you’d like to see added to the Botanicals range. Just in case you haven’t managed to find any natural product that suits your own personal requirements.

  • Please include the maker's name. And also - if possible - a link to a web page.
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