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The AoR's new salve.We often get asked to create products for other companies and organisations who want something that’s both natural and organic. One of our most recent projects was for the Association of Reflexologists (The AoR). The Association were looking for an organic salve for their members.

Tracey Smith is the AoR’s Reflexology & Research Manager; “There was a gap in the market for a good organic salve,” explained Tracey. “We worked closely with Botanicals to produce one that is both light and fresh, yet does the job well, being slippery where needed but also allowing for specific point work.

Tracey added; “It was also important for us that it’s made in Britain, and not tested on animals.”

Laura Franzen is Editor of the AoR’s Reflexions Magazine, and also a well-experienced reflexologist; “I’ve tried many different products with my treatments since training as a reflexologist. However, I now only use one.”

Smells gorgeous!

“The AoR Reflexology Salve comes in easy-to-use, clean and hygienic packaging,” added Laura, “which I know will not leach chemicals into the product. It also smells gorgeous, can provide a decent amount of grip, and my clients really enjoy the feel of it on their feet too!”

Although the salve has only just been launched, the Association has already received lots of positive feedback from delighted members. Lynn Holt summed up the general view on Facebook with the comment; “This is gorgeous”.

Anne Jepson added; “I’ve just started using the salve and I love it. You only need the smallest amount. The lotion is very light, with a nice fragrance – without being overpowering. I’d recommend it to any reflexologist who likes to work with a lotion.”

Wendy Gaen said; “This salve has great grip – even in this very warm weather! It’s light fragrance is great for the client and the therapist. I would highly recommend it.”

The reflexology salve is available at £19.99 on the Association’s website (click here to view it). They have also created a great little YouTube clip to promote the product (below).

Botanicals founder, Wendy Stirling, said; “It was a real joy to work with the AoR to create an organic salve for their members. And to get such positive feedback from professional therapists is praise indeed!

“And coming soon*, we’ll be supplying an unfragranced version of the salve – with the same texture, but without any aromatherapy oils.”

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*The unfragranced salve is now available on the AoR’s website. Click here to view or purchase it.