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sa-campaign-logo-lgeBotanicals was one of the very first skin care companies to be approved and licensed by the Soil Association. Although best known for campaigning for safer and more sustainable food production, the Association is increasingly promoting a similar approach to body and skin care products.

In a recent blog post we highlighted the Association’s campaign against the practice of ‘green-washing’ (click here to read it). This is where large companies promote their products as natural and organic when they’re often far from it. This recently led to Boots being reprimanded the Advertising Standards Authority.

Organic September

The Soil Association’s latest campaign is called ‘Organic September’. Under the heading ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’, the Association has organised a month-long promotion of organic beauty products – all approved by the Association. The main events will be taking place on the weekend of September 7-8th. Some of our therapists are offering taster treatments, details of which are included in the Soil Association’s calendar of events. Click here to read about it on the Association’s website.

Half-price ‘Try me’ set

voucher-tryme-set-smBotanicals contribution to the month-long event is a special ‘Organic Beauty Try Me box’ which we are offering for just £6 (half the retail price). The box includes five ‘try me’ sample pots of some of our most popular products.

Plus a £5 voucher

Each Try me box will also include a £5 money-off voucher, which can be redeemed throughout the month of September. Click here for more details.

The organic beauty promotion is certainly keeping Emma and Sarah busy! We sold out of the first batch of Try Me’s by lunchtime! The campaign ends on September 30th. So please do take advantage of our special offer. And also support the wonderful effort being made by the Soil Association to promote organic skin care products.

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