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Celebrating Organic Beauty Week

Celebrating Organic Beauty Week

We’re celebrating The Soil Association’s ‘Organic Beauty Week’ by going completely wild (wild rose to be exact!) with a special offer worth £15 on three of our favourite Wild Rose products; Wild Rose Body Polish, Wild Rose Body Lotion and Wild Rose Hand Lotion.

Organic Beauty Week runs from September 19th to 25th. Botanicals body polish and lotion both retail for £24, and the hand lotion for £15. Buy both body products during this week and we’ll add the hand lotion for free. That’s a saving of 24%.

Click here to view the offer on our website. (Sorry, this offer is now closed.)

Click any link to view the individual products on our website with full descriptions and ingredients listings; Wild Rose Body Polish, Wild Rose Body Lotion and Wild Rose Hand Lotion. And click here to read more about ‘Organic Beauty Week‘ on the Soil Association’s website.

Limited edition ‘Organic Beauty Box’

Limited edition ‘Organic Beauty Box’

Our Radiance Facial Serum has received some great reviews from customers. Click here to view the serum on our website, and to read some of those reviews.

Since Botanicals first started producing natural skincare products back in 2004, we always use the very finest organic ingredients. Which is why we were one of the first producers to be accredited by the Soil Association. And why we’re proud to carry the Soil Association’s organic symbol on all our labels.

Today more and more people recognise the benefits of using skincare products which don’t contain chemical nasties. And we like to do everything we can to help promote the message that natural is best. And that going organic is even better for our bodies, as well as the environment.

Organic Beauty Week

The Soil Association has teamed up with YOU Beauty Box to promote their ‘Organic Beauty Week’, which runs this year from September 19th to 25th, by creating a limited edition collection of some of the kindest and most effective skincare products. And we’re delighted to say that the box includes our very popular ‘Radiance Facial Serum’.

Rich in the ‘youth mineral’ potassium, as well as unsaturated fatty acids from apricot kernel, avocado, grapeseed and rosehip oils, the serum helps support the skin’s natural elastin, deliver anti-ageing benefits and revitalise the complexion. Which is why this super-nourishing blend of potent, organic ingredients is one of our best-selling products.

Costing just £20, this limited edition Beauty Box includes some wonderful organic skincare gems, and represents great value for money. To order your box (whilst stocks last) click this link.

Half-price offer on Botanicals floral waters

Half-price offer on Botanicals floral waters

All of us at Botanicals love using organic flower waters in our daily skincare routines. But they’ve never sold as well as we expected. Probably because many people don’t realise just how versatile and effective they are.

So we were delighted when 21 year-old beauty blogger, Katie (left), gave them an enthusiastic thumbs-up on her blog last year (click to view her post). As she said:

“…floral waters are bloody brilliant. They are generally purer than most traditional ‘toners’, and they are just so versatile.”

Katie went on to explain some of her favourite ways to use the water; as a toner, a cooling facial spritz, for setting makeup, and even to spritz her hair before blow-drying.

Half-price special offer

If you’ve yet to be convinced, why not take advantage of a special half-price offer we’re running to clear stock approaching its end of August ‘best-before’ date?

We offer two types of flower water – lavender and rose geranium. Bottled at source, local spring water is infused with organic lavender or rose geranium essential oil, then steeped for several weeks to ensure that the beneficial properties of the plant essences are fully optimised.

They retail at £11.95 for a 100ml bottle with an atomiser top, or £19.95 for a salon-size 250ml bottle with a dropper top. But we’re offering these bottles for just £5.95 and £9.95 (+p&p).

To take advantage of this special offer before they all go, simply click here.

But if you’re reading this after the offer has ended, click here to view the standard-priced bottles.

Limited Edition Christmas gift sets

Limited Edition Christmas gift sets

Special offer for Botanicals Notes subscribers

Order before November 20th and save 15% on our Christmas Collections. Simply enter the coupon code collections2015 when you get to the checkout.

Here at Botanicals we’ve been busy little elves creating three new limited edition gift collections for Christmas. Each collection includes generous trial-sizes of some of our best selling products. They should provide the perfect introduction to anyone who wants to try organic skincare. And as with all our products, we don’t include any ‘filler’ ingredients. It means that they are all highly concentrated – and a little truly will go a long way. The collections are designed with different skin types and concerns in mind:

Gentle Skincare Christmas Collection

This collection of some of our most popular skincare products has been designed to care for the particular needs of sensitive and problem skin; perfectly and naturally.

Costing just £35.95, the collection includes; (Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews.)


Nourishing Skincare Christmas Collection

The perfect gift for anyone with normal, dry or mature skin, our Rose & camellia gift set is guaranteed to help your skin feel nourished, hydrated, soft and smooth.

Costing just £35.95, the collection includes; (Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews.)


Hand & Feet Christmas Pamper Box

Costing just £35.95, the Botanicals ‘Hands and Feet Pamper Box’ includes two of our most popular hand products; our anti-ageing serum and hand lotion.

And two of our favourite foot products; our mint-fragranced foot soak and the multi award-winning foot balm – an ultra-nourishing, natural balm that seriously softens hard, dry skin on the feet.

Click on any heading to view full product descriptions, ingredients listings, and recent customer reviews of the individual products in the collection.


Bodycare offer; a free Lemongrass body wash

Bodycare offer; a free Lemongrass body wash

This is the last of our four special offers to celebrate ‘Organic September’. We’re offering a free 200ml bottle of Botanicals lemongrass & mandarin body wash – worth £11.50 – when buying a 95g pot of our popular Lemongrass revitalising body balm. The previous three offers – from our handcare, footcare and facecare ranges – have proved highly popular. So we’re hoping this one from our bodycare range will be equally successful and help promote the benefits of using truly natural and organic products.

Click here to view the offer on our webshop. And click either of the headings below to read full descriptions and ingredients listings of each product.

Revitalising body balm

This is a conditioning and revitalising natural balm, full of active botanicals and essential fatty acids to help soften and enhance skin texture. It’s the perfect partner for dry skin.

Lemongrass & mandarin body wash

With refreshing lemongrass and mandarin oils, as well as anti-bacterial tea tree, this pure and natural organic body cleanser will invigorate and freshen your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

This is how one customer described our lemongrass body wash;

At last a hand/bodywash that smells like its good enough to eat! Love it and have bought the refill size to fill up all the soap dispensers around the house.

Facecare offer; a free organic hydrating mist

Facecare offer; a free organic hydrating mist

It’s now week three of the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September’ promotion. And this is the third of our four, week-long offers from each of our handcare, footcare, facecare and bodycare ranges. This week also marks the start of the Soil Association’s ‘Organic Beauty Week’. So we thought it would be a good idea to make this week’s offer on our popular facecare range.

The offer is a free Botanicals hydrating mist (worth £14.95) when purchasing a 55g pot of our multi award-winning facial cleansing melt with a 30ml bottle of our face moisturiser. All of these facial products come in two flavours; Rose & camellia which is ideal for normal to dry and mature skin. And Mandarin & chamomile which is perfect for normal, combination or sensitive skin.

View the offer on our web shop

Click any of the headings below to view the products on our webshop, together with product ingredients and customer reviews. And click here to take advantage of the special offer. We’ve received some wonderful customer feedback on all our facial range. Here’s a selection on the three Rose & camellia offer products;

Rose & camellia cleansing melt

“This is currently my favourite cleansing balm. I actually look forward to taking my makeup off at the end of the day! I have repurchased this which is a big accolade from me as I do like to try new products. I have normal/dry/mature skin and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cleansing melt.” Carrie

“The ultimate in luxury cleansing, melts into the skin like silk leaving it hydrated, soft with a velvet touch. Amazing!!.”

“My skin felt amazing after using it along side the other products in the range and it still feels moisturised evn by the evening and no more dry patches on my skin in three days wow!!!!! Will definitely be using on my clients.”

read more…

Free Therapeutic foot soak with Foot softening balm

Free Therapeutic foot soak with Foot softening balm

This is the second of our four week-long offers to support the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September’ campaign. Purchase a 50g pot of our multi-award winning Foot softening balm and receive a free 175g pot of Botanicals therapeutic foot soak – worth £12.50. Both products have received some glowing reviews from satisfied customers; many of them professional therapists (see below).

Quick links

Click here to view the special offer on our website. And click either link to read full product descriptions, with ingredients listing and customer reviews: Botanicals foot softening balm : Botanicals therapeutic foot soak.

Botanicals foot-softening balm

“I use this balm on myself and my reflexology clients – we all love it. It nourishes, softens and soothes the feet as well as having a therapeutic effect. A little goes a long way. Brilliant!” Louise.

“I have just started to use this product for my reflexology clients, all have commented how wonderful it feels. Have also used on myself and my feet feel amazing. Very pleased indeed.” Lindsay.

“I use the foot balm in my Reflexology practice, it’s absolutely fantastic, I love it and so do my clients. It leaves the feet soft and moisturised and the essential oils smell absolutely gorgeous as well as having amazing theraputic effect.” Lisa.

Botanicals therapeutic foot soak

“Salt is an excellent antiseptic and so is tea tree so this is a perfect pedicure product! I use the soak before Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology treatments too. It is deeply cleansing, refreshing and relaxing – and of course Himalayan salt has excellent energetic properties and a high mineral content so is a good choice for natural therapies.

“The aroma is calming and soothing, and the product dissolves nicely into the water, releasing the natural oils. Clients love the beautiful pink colour of the salt.” Sarah.

“I use this product on myself and reflexology clients – we all love it! The ingredients have an overall therapeutic effect, easing tired feet, softening the skin and giving an overall feeling of relaxation and walking on air! – just lovely.” Louise.

Free gift with purchase throughout ‘Organic September’

Free gift with purchase throughout ‘Organic September’

Botanicals has always been a great supporter of the Soil Association. We think they do a great job in promoting all things organic, as well as highlighting the risks posed by potentially harmful chemicals in everything from food to cosmetics. This is why we were one of the first skincare companies to become accredited by the Association. And is why we’re proud that all our products carry their logo.

Here’s what the Association says about companies such as ours;

We believe that choosing organic when it comes to health and beauty is better for people and the planet. It’s as simple as that. Brands have to pass rigorous checks of their products to carry our prestigious symbol, which represents quality and trust. If you see our sign, you know your product is organic.

For the last few years the Soil Association has held a campaign throughout September to persuade more of us to shop organic. (Click here for more details.) There will be lots of special offers from Soil Association licensees. And we’ll be joining in the fun!

As well as the ‘Organic September’ campaign, the Association is also promoting ‘Organic Beauty Week’ (details here). The theme this year will be based around their ‘Campaign for clarity’ which promotes clear labelling on all cosmetics and skincare products. We highlighted the campaign in a previous blog post.

Free products

Botanicals is creating four, week-long offers throughout September with free gifts from our hands, feet, face and body ranges. The first week’s offer is a free 10ml bottle of our popular ‘Beautiful Hands Anti-ageing Serum’ when purchasing a ‘Revitalising Hand Balm’. The serum costs £13.95 – making it a great offer – and has also received some rave reviews…
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Give your skin a spring clean

brighten your skin

Brighter, fresher-looking skin

Spring clean your beauty routine by treating yourself to one of Botanicals’ anti-ageing facial serums for instantly fresher-looking skin. And this weekend we’re offering a special, money-saving promotion.

Infused with a powerfully potent blend of high-performing botanical oils and extracts to help fade and prevent the signs of ageing, they come in two varieties.

Customers with sensitive skin tell us they love the skin-soothing properties of our super-powerful Chamomile & mandarin anti-ageing facial serum. And those with dry and mature skin say our Rose & camellia serum leaves their skin feeling hydrated and fantastic.
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Small Changes, Big Difference

sa-campaign-logo-lgeBotanicals was one of the very first skin care companies to be approved and licensed by the Soil Association. Although best known for campaigning for safer and more sustainable food production, the Association is increasingly promoting a similar approach to body and skin care products.

In a recent blog post we highlighted the Association’s campaign against the practice of ‘green-washing’ (click here to read it). This is where large companies promote their products as natural and organic when they’re often far from it. This recently led to Boots being reprimanded the Advertising Standards Authority.
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Facial balm special offer

Botanicals facial balm

Botanicals facial balm

At the time of writing this post, the weather is really cold and wintry. More snow is forecast, and temperatures are already plumetting. It is all very pretty, but the biting cold wind means that your skin will be in need of some extra TLC.

Here at Botanicals we have the perfect solution. Our extra-nourishing rose and camellia facial balm is just the thing for these Arctic weather conditions, giving your skin the extra moisture and TLC it needs. Hand-whipped with organic shea butter and cold-pressed jojoba, apricot, camellia and grape-seed oils, it’s designed to promote the skin’s natural cell renewal.

It’s suitable for all skin types, particularly dry and de-hydrated skin. And with no added water or ‘fillers’, a little really does go a long way.
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Organic natural foot care offer

Get your  flip-flop feet ready for the sunshine with Botanicals award-winning ‘feet treats’.

With the recent Easter sunshine, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Summer is already here. And If you’re typical of most of us, you’ll be looking at your dry, cracked heels, and realising that your feet are in urgent need of some serious TLC before being put anywhere near a pair of flip-flops, let alone those strappy sandals!

Botanicals award-winning natural foot care is the perfect solution to transform your neglected tootsies into pampered feet. Our natural foot scrub (Anti-aging Beauty Bible award winner) is ideal to exfoliate your feet, followed by our natural foot balm (Natural & organic awards winner). But that’s not all – for a daily treat you can now use out new natural foot lotion to keep your feet in tip top condition.

To launch our natural foot lotion, simply order our  foot scrub and  foot balm together,  and we’ll send you a trial size bottle our foot lotion for free.

Offer ends 31st May 2011.