We all love to see the sun, but it can wreak havoc with our hair, making it dry, brittle and straw-like. Add in a holiday with a dip in salty sea water, or even a gentle swim in a chlorine-filled pool, and the damage to your hair can be severe.

Natural is best when it comes to hair treatments.

But reaching for a chemical-based shampoo, conditioner or treatment for damaged hair, that promises to ‘moisturise’ and ‘hydrate’, can often exasperate the problem. Whilst a treatment for damaged hair can often mask the problem, the underlying condition will usually remain, meaning that the product has to be re-applied – often daily.

Petro-chemical based hair care products can be drying and irritating to the hair and scalp, causing a vicious circle to occur. (Our hair feels extra dry and brittle, so we slather on the moisturising shampoos and conditioners in blissful ignorance that these may themselves be contributing to the condition.)

Hair care products, like the food we eat, should provide nourishment and repair. The body is built to respond to nutrients found in our natural environment, so why should the hair be any different? If we believe nature knows best, we should be looking for products that contain natural botanicals to nourish the hair and promote the growth of new follicles.

Healing herbs and botanicals can restore damaged hair to natural health. A natural herbal shampoo allows herbs to be absorbed directly into the hair and the scalp, encouraging the hair to grow and repair itself.

Rosemary and nettle are two of the most useful herbs for damaged hair, and are the two key ingredients used in Botanicals natural shampoo and organic hair spritz.

Rosemary has been used as a hair tonic in folk medicine for centuries. It has a stimulating action on hair follicles encouraging hair to grow. And Nettles, rich in vitamins A and C, plus several key minerals and lipids, have also been used since ancient times for their hair restorative propeties.

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More hair care tips coming soon!