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In the next of our popular series on Botanicals Therapists, Lisa talks to Vicky Clark (above), who runs her therapy business, called ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’, in Runcorn, Cheshire.

Tell me a little about yourself and your business

I’m 30 years old. I’m a reiki master and holistic therapist, offering various treatments such as Botanicals facials, crystal reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, hopi ear candles, hot stones massage and thai herbal compress massage.I’m also a baby massage instructor.

My business is called ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’. I chose this name during my Level 3 complementary therapy course, when we were asked to create promotional materials for an assignment. The name came to me in a flash; a thought that entered my head which I did not even question. I went with it and now I love it! My motto is “heaven is not a place, it is a state of mind”.

I also have another job; at home bringing up three kids. Albany (5), Alexis (2), and Connor (1).

What was your journey into the therapy business ?

I was completely guided by my intuition. I knew nothing about holisitc therapy, I had no interest in it, I had never even had a massage myself! I was working in a nursery and was looking in the local college prospectus and saw level 2 city and guilds complementary therapy. I registered on the course, and the rest is history!

I truly believe it all started in 2008, after a very rough patch in my life I received a taster session in crystal healing whilst I was on a course run by the government which was aimed at single mums – getting them back into work. I was one of those mums, and after the maternity leave from my first child, I saw that course as my platform back into work.

I worked at Skipton Building Society, and in a nursery in between this and getting into holistics. But I do believe in divine timing, and I do believe that the 15 minutes with those crystals was the start of the rocky road towards my dreams! It helped align me to the woman I am today. The power of crystal healing is phenomenal. That is why we teach it now at the Academy.

What do you love most about what you do?

The difference in the person before and after I give my treatments – it’s like a wilting flower, transforming into a beautiful budding rose. The chance to grow as a person everytime I treat a client. I use my clients as a mirror – whatever they are going through, is also happening to me on some level. Like attracts like. It’s one of the laws of the universe.

And it is my refuge: I enjoy giving the treatments just as much as my clients enjoy receiving them. It’s the best job in the world.

What’s been you’re greatest challenge?

Doing all of this whilst at the same time bringing up a family! Managing my time between it all. Two kids under 5 – phew! But the best thing is teaching them how to massage each other, how to play with crystals and angel cards, doing vision boards together. This isn’t just my job, I include all of this into my everyday life as well.

What’s been you’re greatest learning?

Not to try and control everything. To go with the flow, listen to my intuition, see everything and every person and every opportunity as a way to grow myself.

What made you choose Botanicals for your business?

Because the whole business foundations and aspirations match my own. No ego-based foundations for business – same as me. It’s not about money and popularity – same as me. The feeling of when I opened my first ever delivery from them – it was energy. I felt the Reiki energy. I knew then they were perfect. Like attracts like – a match made in heaven.

How do you integrate Botanicals into your business to make it such a success?

I use the products on my customers. I talk about them, and demo them when doing presentations or talks. I give samples to all my friends and family members. I don’t push them – you don’t have to – they sell themselves. I offer monthly orders for my clients who need products. I buy them as present for my family and friends. I am still in the early stages of my business, but Botanicals will be by my side throughout the whole of my journey.


What is your favourite Botanicals product and why?

So far – Mint and tea tree foot balm. I could eat it – it’s that nice! Glides over the skin like silk, smells divine – the perfect consistency for reflexology, or even just a nice little foot rub!

Do you have any case studies or client success stories of using the products that you could share?

I use Rose and camellia balm on my daughter’s eczema – she has dry, red patchy eczema on her back and it really helps to keep the inflammation down and keeps the skin silky smooth and beautiful.

What are your plans for the future?

I offer a unique baby and infant massage service which also includes a Botanicals consultation and a treatment for mum. This will be up and running by March. I continue to offer treatments from my treatment room at home, and am planning a wedding for Oct 2014. Boy I am going to have a busy year this year!

Vicky Clark
Heaven is a place on Earth
School website: (Under construction)
Mobile: 07715 555900
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